And finally I managed to move some of blog posts to Jekyll. I finally mapped a first level web domain to this blog. So from now on you can reach me at

My previous website is goin’ to be still available at, as soon I can figure out how to access to my old hosting provider since they changed all web interfaces without notices.

I tried to compile a short list of my next articles inspired by this not-so-easy switch from Wordpress to a Jekyll-based installation that could be useful for some of you out there:

Then in the last few months I tried to move away as far as possible from cloud solutions I can’t control.

So the next moves are:

  • Install a Bitwarden hosted solution to manage my passwords (in lieu of Google Password Sync)
  • Move away from Google Chrome and Firefox (yes, I hate Firefox as well) and use Waterfox+Bitwarden
  • Move away from VSCode/Atom/Brackets/Sublime and embrace Vim+TMux
  • Build post-installation scripts for Windows (and share it)
  • Build post-installation scripts for macOS (and share it)
  • Build post-installation scripts for Arch Linux/Debian (and share it)
  • Build a triple-boot computer from scratch
  • Share command line setup between OSes via git repository
  • Build software from sources rather than download precompiled executables

I would like to continue to keep updated a new retrocomputing/retrogaming section I planned for long time but I didn’t have time and dedication to make it happen in the past.

Next articles should be:

  • Restore a broken OnePlus One with Linage and Retroarch for perfect portability
  • PSVita TV as Retrocomputing device
  • NES/SNES/PSOne Classic best mods
  • From trash to treasure series
  • Commodore CDTV review
  • Amiga 500 restoration and modding
  • Build a retrocomputer straight from the past
  • Build an archive of retrocomputer/retrogames collection from scratch

Hopefully I would like to keep a schedule of next talk I goin’ to prepare on following topics:

  • Measuring performances of a full stack project made for fun (BE, Mobile)
  • Using Java as a static language for fun and profit
  • Goin’ selfhosted to survive data branches
  • Goin’ minimalist to save money and the environment
  • Measure your house electricity expenses with Free Software
  • Don’t call it Open Source if it’s Free Software (or “How corporations change meaning to things to control it”)

If you like to follow me I would like to set up an RSS feed (although is a bit outdated). Thanks for reading it and will catch you in the near future.