I am a software engineer based in Cagliari, Italy. I’ve been building professionally applications for the last 12 years now.

Early years

I started using computers from pretty much 1992/1993, I believe, when I was given a brand new Amiga 500. It was an incredibily powerful machine and it’s still my favorite computer of all time.

I started thinkering with x86 computers some years later starting from a Intel 486DX2@66Mhz where I was using MS-DOS and Windows 3.1. I remember crearly spending hours modifying AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS and try to free as much as base memory as possible in order to boot some games. It was pretty frustrating, but at some point I was able to make every game run correctly.

Then Windows ‘95 came and although it has some nice features (like Plug’n’Pray) and support for high resolution, I knew that existed a free kernel built from a guy in Finland named Linus Torvalds. I was confused but I decided to try an operating system build on top of this kernel, packed and distributed freely on the net. Its name was Slackware 3.5.

It was a blast.


Everything was uber difficult especially if you have to make ISDN driver to work properly. I recompiled the kernel an insane amount of times but at least I have it work properly. Then I discovered the Linux Day in Italy and took part of it in my city.

I was 16 y/o and I spent countless hour thinkering, hacking and setting up everything in order to work properly.

It was exciting, but stressful.

XFree was a mess and you had to configure the right horizontal and vertical frequency of your monitor trying to avoid to brake everything.

I then moved to RedHat 6.2 which was much more user friendly and the ISDN driver where easier to configure (you still have to recompile the kernel though).

In 1997 I build my first personal website on my High School’s webserver thanks to my Math professor. I then published two other websites one about Antonio Gramsci and one about a research on Black Panther Party I made at the time.

Meanwhile I learned a bit of Pascal at school and made a RPG Character Generator with it.

First software projects

Then time passed and I used to dual boot Windows and Linux, learning a lot of stuff from both world. I remember I build a book archive software for a friend’s dad with Borland’s C++ Builder. It was my first GUI project that could run on a floppy on Windows ‘95/98. I was pretty happy.

I then build a complete website for my dad’s company and put it online all by myself. Much of it was developed on Linux using Blowfish and GIMP. I also built a soccer-related website for some clients, it was funny.

I was aming to use GNU/Linux for all DTP stuff since I couldn’t afford any Macintosh at the time. But the system wasn’t ready for desktop at the time.

Education and ethics

I kept learning stuff on Computer Science, GNU and Free Software and read a desperate number of book on computer history, ethics, hacking and proprietary software and disaster in sofware.

I still keep some of the most influential book I read in those days, that defined my personal vision of software development attitude and gave my an insight of the whole industry.

I joined Electronic Engineering classes at local University and I spoke at some Linux Day. Then came 2005 and after a year of saving I managed to buy my first PowerBook G4 15”.

Everything changed since that.


I went REALLY into Apple ecosystem and I bought a ton of Apple hardware. It was a revelation.

Everything worked out-of-the-box.


I bought iPods, iMacs and in 2008 the first iPhone ever and in 2010 the first iPad ever.

The working environment was pretty good. And I got all the benefits of a complete UNIX system. Rock solid UNIX system.

Work experience

Then I started learning Objective-C and found it very intuitive as I took classes of Smalltalk at Uni. I started programming some small things with Apple iOS SDK 2.0 and in the meantime I graduated.

So I started my first job and learned some C++, Node.js and Unity and produced some interesting R&D projects.

Then I moved to iPhone apps development for the next 5 years. I ran some challenging projects and side projects with CoreData, Advanced UI Layouts, Objective-C/Swift bridging, REST API handling and Networking advanced APIs programming.

Right now unfortunately i had to switch to backend development in JavaEE with both Spring and Struts frameworks (which I start to get really into) and gained a considerable experience in building complex and optimized SQL query in Oracle PL/SQL, but I keep building some side project in Swift to keep my skills up to date.

I look forward to learn some other interesting programming languages to my belt, such as Go, Rust, Swift Server Side with Vapor and some fancy languages such as Nim.

Nerd Side interests

Aside from this incredibly long rant about technology I do keep a lot of side interests.

In 2007 I started collecting old computers and games console, and repair some. I love all Commodore’s stuff and Sega, Nintendo, NEOGEO, Atari and in recent years Microsoft and Sony consoles. Nowadays I hold more or less 55 old entertainment electronic devices. I managed to build a pair of retrocomputer to feel the vibe of run old games on original hardware. Of course I collect retro games for both consoles and PCs. I would like to keep track of my collection here in this web space.

Moreover I felt in love with Games Workshop’s Warhammer Universe (now Age Of Sigmar) from 2005 when I bought the first italian edition of Warhammer Role Playing Game.

I started collecting all the big boxes and manuals from GW, and very little gaming and painting. I still keep collecting all this stuff (especially Blood Bowl, Dreadfleet, Space Hulk, Warhammer 40k and so on..) but eventually I run out of space at home, I must say my wife is vary patient.

The last mania I came across in this last 15 years or so is to buy again some of the most important pen and paper RPG from the mid 80s up to these days. A considerable amount of stuff comes from Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition by TSR, but I love to keep stuff from Chaosium’s Call Of Cthulhu, Fasa’s Shadowrun, Cyberpunk 2020 by Talsorian Games, Steve Jackson’s GURPS, White Wolf’s Vampire: The Masquerade and much more.

One day I would like to create my settings and adventures, hopefully.

Non-nerd Side Interest

Despite being am a typical nerd I actually am a very active person. I pratice surfing from the age of 17 and some other watersport activities such as watersky, stand-up paddling and snorkeling as much as I can.

I love the sea and I couldn’t stay away from it more than few weeks. I also used to practice tennis at amateur level when I was a child and I managed to win some regional competitions. Then for the next 10 years I practice pool swimming and I competed in some amateur freestyle competitions earning some medals.

I compete in some local aquathlon (swimming and running) events and short running competitions (no more than 10km non competitive) as in the last 15 years I kept running more or less 2 time a week for 5/10 km. I keep my recordings in Nike+ application since 2005, which I would like to share asap. In my spare time, I read a lot of book especially science fiction (I collect URANIA italian sf series), and fantasy settings such as Lord Of The Rings, R.A. Salvatore’s Drizzt Series, Game Of Thrones and some Games Workshop licenced TrollSlayer’s series.

I also love some read contemporary politics and italian’s recent history, especially those involving mafia’s history and its relationship with politics. I like to read biographies of influential people of the 21 century.

I love trekking in mountain and when possible I go snowboarding. That’s pretty much all. If you like to contact me you can open an issue on GitHub where this code is temporarly hosting.